About Us

Prevent Advisors combines the knowledge and expertise of counterterrorism experts, leaders in safety and security, and best in class venue operators to deliver world class solutions to world class clients.

Prevent Advisors was founded with a single mission in mind. Keep people safe.

Our parent company OVG led by co-founders, Tim Leiweke and Irving Azoff, helped launch Prevent Advisors on the simple premise – world class guest experience begins and ends with the delivery of a safe and secure environment for the customer. Prevent Advisors exists to help our partners build and maintain the safest and most secure facilities in the ecosystems of sport and entertainment throughout the globe.

The organization, led by Special Operations, Law Enforcement, and Venue Management Professionals; Prevent Advisors works with our committed partners to design, build, implement, and maintain comprehensive solution sets to deter bad actors, address contingencies, and mitigate the risks associated with the sophisticated threats of today and the rapidly evolving threats of the future.

Our team is mission oriented, passionate, and aggressive in our efforts to improve safety and security outcomes for our clients. As enthusiastic fans of both sports and live entertainment ourselves, we understand the implied contract between venue and guests. We are driven by the desire to safeguard the experiences and events that create unforgettable memories and shape lives.

  • Mike Downing

    Chief Security Officer

  • J.T. Klingenmeier

    Vice President

  • Scott Anderson

    Vice President, Business Development

  • Tariq Butt

    Vice President, International Strategic Business Services

  • David Born

    Senior Director, Business Development & Operations

  • Jennifer Angelier

    Senior Director of Operations

  • James Johnston

    Senior Director, Security Programs

  • Mark Wilson

    Senior Director, Emergency Management

  • Lea Raad

    Analyst, Security Operations

Prevent Advisors Board members

  • William J. Bratton

  • Peter A. Luukko